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So, as I was thinking since I didn't blog much about my new year (which was nth happening rlly), I might as well do so w an entry filled w nth but love and gratitude...

To my dad: I owe my life to him. I owe my future medical career to him. There's nth more to say except expressing my utmost gratitude and love (X 1000 000 000...) And I'll be sure to pass through my remaining 4years and emerge as a gd dr.

To my mum: thanks for bringing me into this world. There's nth more I'd dare to ask for. I know I might not have gotten her fullest moral support for me to do medicine, but I've gotten over it. Nonetheless, thanks for all the love you've showered me w.

To my siblings: like what Doris has said, it's destiny that brought us tgt as siblings. And one day, if anything were to happen, we'll become each other's pillar of support. Anyone can abandon us - spouse, bf, gf, friends - but what remains unchanged is the blood that we share. "Blood is thicker than water." And also, thanks for accepting me for who I am (I know I can be v demanding and spoilt, but all 3 of you always give in to me). <3 & much appreciated.

To Doris (my godmother-like figure): we started out as strangers in April 2010 but things took for a change drastically since then.. I owe heaps to this lady for paving my dental career, for constantly thinking of my financial situation, for being so interested and concerned about everything in my life (including my future medical career and marriage - haha!), and also, for always buying my fav cuppa iced coffee to start my day! Just ytd, we had a long conversation about her life and amongst those nonsensical gibberish words that she's uttered, there comes a train of wisdom. And really, I'm utterly grateful for all that she's given to me!


dec '12 has been gracious enough to me, to have open a door filled w insights of life. it has def given me the opportunity to be once again thankful to be where i am today. talking about counting my blessings here eh.. 

anyw, time is running short; only to realise i'm left w exactly 14days from now bef i fly back to the land downunder. can't believe ive spent hundreds of dollars stocking up on my face care products. gonna miss having supple skin w minimal blemishes for the next 10mths. YET AGAIN. 

gotta make full use of my 14 days here. satisfying my tastebuds, working it all off, spending time w loved ones.. life should only be good for now. 

i need sth new
- much as i'd love to say, this is 'the end', ...

plunging estrogen
hate how this time of the month is causing a dip in my mood. it feels like i'm almost in isolation and thats fine rlly. whats not fine is the mind that overthinks. i'm hoping the trip outta sg over the new year make a difference. 

its thursday today and i'm like ?wthisthis? 2012 has just gone by. 

yeah, this is life. 

what would i have done differently? what can i do to make the following year a better one? what's my new year resolution? #ataloss

joy in life?

... across the globe

If anything, ...

why do people quarrel? why inflict more harm onto yourself, like life hasn't been cruel enough?


cute or what?

Woes of r/s.
Here goes a long-awaited conversation..

Time waits for no one.. 

Because whatever that happened, has already happened. The sun will still rise at dawn. The Earth will still rotate on its own axis. Orchard Road will still be buzzling on the weekends. But yet, all you could feel is a painfully slaughtered heart that you are trying to nurse and heal.  

My thoughts...

I've been there, and done that. I feel for everyone who's going through a phase of such and seeing the pain in their eyes, pains me. It's bringing back memories (ghosts of past), like an overwhelming blanket engulfing me. And well, when people say there's no rights or wrongs in love, its what uve gained outta every relationship, it makes me think hard. Does it make me a better person? I highly doubt. Does it make me a person who hates? Yeah, i think so. Does it make me a selective person who chooses? Duhh. Only to realise that, ive became a hater. 

Since i was back...
PS cafe @ Harding - when sis was back. endless conversations over truffle fries & coffee. <3

pretty pretty lightings.

Shopping on a Sunday morning at Ikea.



baby bro. 

oh-so-doting sister.

after so many years... the four are still meeting up. -much appreciated-


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