things change, people change.

yeah. i guess i'm gonna have excess time for now and then it made me think of everything that had happened.

i like having heart-to-heart conversations because for one, it gives the individual the chance to know the other party wholly. a particular conversation struck my thought. and ive been at it since. reading back my blog, i realised how my perception of life has changed (not drastically; but it did change). there are several statements that ive made, do not stand/hold anymore. for instance, i once thought of living life alone and independently, and just earning a bucket of gold to fulfil my material wishes. but now, i guess entering a different phase in life changed my perspective, and i now think it is important to love and be loved by significant others (i.e. family, friends, spouse etc). look how time has changed me. 

coffee indulgence.


Je ne sais plus
Don't think i landed myself in a job. Gna be a leech for the next 2ishh months. Ain't gonna complain. That aside, i think i'm just gna enjoy the goodness of nth (well, not rlly nth coz i'll still be spending monehh w/o any input). 

And just for the record, i'm loving the heat and humidity. Life's awesome for now. 

Last of Hobart 2012
Jackman & McRoss's Goat cheese w caramelised onions tart 

J & M's passionfruit meringue tart

View from the cafe

Chillaxing like atas mamas w J & A; Cheese platter, can't rmb the type of cheese

J & A's aphrodisiac (apparently) food for the night

Dip plates




Truth is, just sometimes, i don't really know what my heart wants. 

Day 8 post-exams hurhur...
So i thought i'd be busy packing up my room, preparing to vacate my current room 'coz fact is, ive too many books and clothes (and not forgetting my shoes-oh-shoes), but thanks to my i-cant-wait-to-get-it-over-and-done-with personality, i just threw my coats and dresses into the luggages w the clothes hangers on. So, tadahhh, it shd all be good to go. :)) 

I've been hanging out at different cafes w A for the past few days, and ohmylord, did i mention how much i really appreciate my life over good coffee, good food and awesome companion? My day started at 12noon 'coz i am obviously paying off the accumulated sleep debt, and we swung by Jam jar & lounge at Battery Point, to have our (br/l)unch. Love the weather (thank God for summer), love the iced coffee, love the bircher museli, love all the small lil' things in life. J dropped by shortly after and we joked, laughed and left (hate that the cafe has to close at 4pm). I never tried chai latte bef, 'coz ive never rlly been a tea kinda person. J ordered it and i had a sip, and man ive to say its rlly good. -cheers to good life- 

Glad that J has a car for the next few days to himself and so we decided to make full use of it. Dropped by Lipscombe Larder to grab a cake for his gf; and knowing myself, how cld i ever resist the temptation of being in the wondrous world of cakes? So i bought myself a slice of Austrian baked cheesecake that i'm gonna savour tonight (and a museli slice for tmr's brekkie). So, as we were in the car otw to Lipscombe, i momentarily wished that i had a dependable someone who'll be there for me to organise stuffs for me. That solid someone.

However, having said that, i'm actually glad to have A & J as homies. <3

You know, just last night, i was alone in my room, feeling all peaceful and well, bored. And its the perfect moment to actually think. So here goes my thoughts...

Having been here for 9months, and yes 9months of slogging my brains and nights out, surviving on 3-4hrs of sleep almost every night to get all the humanology into my brain, i barely even had time to have a proper quality conversation w anyone on the phone/skype (how pathetic i know). But that, i was warned at the beginning of medsch, so i know this is perfectly normal. Admittedly, there were times that i feel so stressed and breathless, i just wish time cld come to a standstill so i cld breathe before continuing this rat race.. I just knew i needed to keep pushing, and only reason i thought was that, if i don't do this, what am i gonna do in my life? So that was that.

Recently, i received news from my family that one of my cousins from my maternal side passed away. A very shocking news for that side of the family. Much as i'm not close to my maternal family, my heart wrenched a wee bit for my aunt. This coupled with the fact that i recently was diagnosed with this condition called the carotid bruit. It was an incidental finding that the Dr reckon its been w me since young and i have to get my heart checked and have all the investigations done when i go back home. It did scare me for a while because i was like "wth is that? i mean ive never been told that ive bruits in my blood vessels and i nvr felt weak or what.." I pondered for quite a while and knowing that disease can come knocking on your door w/o a person realising it. There's so many things that can go wrong in our body, and especially after being in medsch, ive learnt so much abt different diseases and conditions and how mutations can happen, therefore leading to cancer (yadayadayada). God knows what will happen next, right? 

I always thought, what if i know that my life is short-lived, what am i gonna do? My answer to that is, i'm gonna gorge myself w all my favourite foods and die peacefully w a big round tummy. I'm such a glutton (ikr). And i will wanna travel to Europe once more to see the beautiful side of life (much as it can be a deceiving facade). 

Ok, this may sound like a depressing post, but it rlly isn't. I'm just having random thoughts running through my mind, and blame it on how the course has exposed me to knowledge of deaths. It doesn't make me scared. It makes me braver and more accepting of another world. 

Keep the good memories. Shred the bad.
Have you ever had one of those times - you are not in love, and you are not exactly feeling any happiness/pain, but then when you come across stuffs online, it gets you into thinking and go "mmm... yeahh"? I think i'm having one of those moments. 

And i realised that good memories, often are the ones that keep me looking forward to creating better ones. 

3 places?




.. is prolly what i can do best. Now that i'm left w my last paper, and i knw its gonna be a really tough one, but i'm brainfriedandrestlessandfatigued. I'm hyperventilating just by the thoughts of studying; to get all the bones, muscles, blood vessels, lymphatics, nerves and plexuses in. And that's just for anatomy. 

Much as i don't wanna blog about studying here.... but there's nth rlly interesting that's happening coz i was and am still studying very hard for the final exams. Life's pretty much hectic, 8am-5pm on a daily basis; to school, lectures, back to my room, bathe, study, eat, sleep... That being said, of coz i'm enjoying it much more than how i did last year. 

Anyhooo.. I'm very close to going home.. sth to look forward to, very much. 

mmhmm... determination, where are u?


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