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Woes of r/s.
Here goes a long-awaited conversation..

Time waits for no one.. 

Because whatever that happened, has already happened. The sun will still rise at dawn. The Earth will still rotate on its own axis. Orchard Road will still be buzzling on the weekends. But yet, all you could feel is a painfully slaughtered heart that you are trying to nurse and heal.  

My thoughts...

I've been there, and done that. I feel for everyone who's going through a phase of such and seeing the pain in their eyes, pains me. It's bringing back memories (ghosts of past), like an overwhelming blanket engulfing me. And well, when people say there's no rights or wrongs in love, its what uve gained outta every relationship, it makes me think hard. Does it make me a better person? I highly doubt. Does it make me a person who hates? Yeah, i think so. Does it make me a selective person who chooses? Duhh. Only to realise that, ive became a hater. 


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